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For the last fifteen years he’d lived alone in a condo right off the highway, spending most of his waking hours selling more Toyotas than anyone else in the state. Now, in nine days, he would get not only Barbara Starr, romance novelist extraordinaire, but also, in a package deal, my brother Chris and me. And he was happy about it.

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The AI Cube will be launched in European markets around the holiday season, close to Christmas. Huawei hasn’t announced pricing or global availability details yet. The AI Cube is a unique product that might be able to challenge the likes of the Google Home and Amazon Echo, if priced competitively.

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China claims up to 4,500 square kilometers of Bhutanese land, more than 10 percent of the Himalayan kingdom total area. Although the two sides have been talking about their dispute, they still have not established diplomatic ties. Any thaw between giant China and tiny Bhutan would be a setback for India, which has long dominated its neighbour economy.

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At times, uncertainty isn just unsettling, it crippling

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The company on Monday published a blog post that outlined its

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Canada Goose Online Facebook told CNNMoney late Monday that it does not have « shadow profiles. » Canada Goose Online

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Canada Goose online CNNMoney (San Francisco) First published April 16, 2018: 8:10 PM ET Canada Goose online

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They can get back to the classroom without having to carry the

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